Various traditional festivals and events are held in each spa. We are all waiting for your visit.

Awazu Spa

-Inquiries- Awazu Onsen Tourism Association / Tel: 0761-65-1834 http://www.awazuonsen.com/

  • Osshobe Festival

    Osshobe Festival

    Date: Aug. 25 (Thur.) ~ 27 (Sat.)
    Place: Entire area of Awazu Spa

    This festival celebrates the opening of the spa by Priest Taicho.

  • Awazu Spa Bar

    Awazu Spa Bar

    Date: Aug. 26 (Fri.) ~ 27 (Sat.)
    Place: Awazu Spa (Yunogawa)

    The outdoor bar opens in the daytime. Have a toast at the holy place for lovers!

  • Komatsu Air Base Festival

    Komatsu Air Base Festival

    Date: Sep. 19 (Mon. / national holiday) (Scheduled)
    Place: Komatsu Self Defense Force Air Base

    Fighter airplanes put on an aerial show in the clear autumn sky.

Katayamazu Spa

-Inquiries- Katayamazu Onsen Tourism Association / Tel: 0761-74-1123 http://www.katayamazu-spa.or.jp/

  • Summer Fireworks Festival

    Summer Fireworks Festival

    Date: Aug. 1 (Mon.) ~ 31 (Wed.)
    Place: Lake Shibayamagata

    Enjoy fireworks, the illuminated floating temple and great waterworks.

  • Joyful evening stalls

    Joyful evening stalls

    Date: Aug. 1 (Mon.) ~ 16 (Tue.)
    Place: Yunomoto Park (Scheduled)

    Shop at stalls while enjoying the cool evening breeze in a yukata (cotton kimono).

  • Katayamazu Spa Festival

    Katayamazu Spa Festival

    Date: Aug. 20 (Sat.) ~ 21 (Sun.)
    Place: Entire area of Katayamazu Spa

    A spectacular acrobatic competition between the Genji Clan and Heike Clan featuring handstands on a carried support.

Yamashiro Spa

-Inquiries- Yamashiro Onsen Tourism Association / Tel: 0761-77-1144 http://www.yamashiro-spa.or.jp/

  • The 21st Yamashiro Dengaku Festival

    The 21st Yamashiro Dengaku Festival

    Date: July 30 (Sat.) ~ 31 (Sun.)
    Place: Hattori Shrine, Yamashiro Spa

    A spectacular, dynamic modern stage art created during the Heisei period

  • Yamashiro Summer Festival

    Yamashiro Summer Festival

    Date: Aug. 6 (Sat.) ~ 24 (Wed.)
    Place: Around Hadutiwo

    Enjoy shaved ice, shooting, board games, concerts and lotteries.

  • Festival of the first crabs of the season

    -Food and Tableware Festival-
    Festival of the first crabs of the season

    Date: Nov. 13 (Sun.)
    Place: Around Yunogawa and Hadutiwo

    Taste seafood pot dishes, buy fresh crab, and enjoy various events.

Yamanaka Spa

-Inquiries- Yamanaka Onsen Tourism Association / Tel: 0761-78-0330 http://www.yamanaka-spa.or.jp/

  • Koi-koi Festival

    Time: Sep. 23 (Fri.) ~ 24 (Sat.)
    Place: Around Kiku-no-yu, Yamanaka Spa

    A big parade is held by local residents and geisha girls. Tourists can also participate.

  • Furusato Yamanaka Summer Festival

    Furusato Yamanaka Summer Festival

    Date: July 22 (Fri.) ~ 24 (Wed.)
    Place: Yamanaka-za Theater Square

    Enjoy shopping at stalls, as well as watching stage events and playing traditional games.

  • Yamanaka-bushi Folkdance Parade

    Yamanaka-bushi Folkdance Parade

    Date: Sep. 4 (Sun)
    Place: Entire area of Yamanaka Spa

    Traditional dance parade accompanied by shamisen and Chinese fiddles.

Events from June 2016 to March 2017

Events from June 2016 to March 2017