Enjoy four spas in Kaga Hot Spring Resort

Katayamazu Spa

In 1653, the second lord of the Daishoji Clan, Toshiaki Maeda, discovered a hot-water spring in Lake Shibayamagata on a hunting trip here, when he was observing a flock of ducks on the water surface. Subsequently, after many difficulties were overcome, part of the lake was reclaimed in 1876. In 1882, Katayamazu Spa was opened along with two inns.

Katayamazu Spa

Lakeside spa with flocks of water birds

This is an ideal spa for people who want to relax.Taking a bath while enjoying the scenery of Mt. Hakusan and Lake Shibayamagata is sure to relax you.

Comic foreground for taking photos

Comic foreground for taking photos

There is a photo panel of a houseboat rowed by a kappa (river sprite), near the ukimido (floating temple) in Yunomoto Park beside Lake Shibayamagata.

Address: Section 2, Katayamazu-onsen, Kaga
TEL: 0761-74-1133 (Katayamazu Spa Tourism Association)

[Rental goods]

Here you can rent various items for taking photos. Have your picture taken wearing an original costume! *The illustration is conceptual.

  • Nakaya Ukichiro Museum of Snow and Ice

    Nakaya Ukichiro Museum of Snow and Ice

    Dr. Nakaya was the first person in the world to make snow crystals. You can learn about his work and enjoy the wonder of snow and ice.

    Open: 9:00am~5:00pm
    Closed: Wednesdays
    Address: I-106 Shiozu-machi, Kaga
    TEL: 0761-75-3323

  • Lake Shibayamagata

    Lake Shibayamagata

    This lake is located at the center of Katayamazu Spa. You can enjoy fishing, boat rides and bird watching.

    Address: Section 2, Katayamazu-onsen, Kaga
    TEL: 0761-74-1123 (Katayamazu Spa Tourism Association)

  • Aizen-ji Temple

    Aizen-ji Temple

    This is the guardian temple of Katayamazu Spa, which enshrines the Buddha of Marriage. It is famous for its votive picture tablets for writing wishes.

    Address: 11-3-5, Katayamazu-onsen, Kaga
    TEL: 0761-74-0169

  • 砂走公園(足の湯 えんがわ)

    Sunabashiri Park(Foot bath ENGAWA)

    Enjoy a relaxing, leisurely time in the park and using the foot bath.

    Open: 5:00am~12:00am
    Open every day
    Address: Section 3, Katayamazu-onsen, Kaga
    TEL: 0761-74-1123 (Katayamazu Spa Tourism Association)

  • Geisha Of ce HANAYAKATA

    Geisha Of ce HANAYAKATA

    This attractive building was built as a training place for geisha girls. Now it has facilities for you to try making tofu and dyeing fabric.

    Open: 9:00am~5:00pm Open every day
    Address: Mo-2-2, Katayamazu-onsen, Kaga
    TEL: 0761-74-7778 (Katayamazu Commerce and Industry Promotion Association)