Enjoy four spas in Kaga Hot Spring Resort

Awazu Spa

Opened by Priest Taicho in 718. Legend says that hot water started to spring from the ground according to a prediction of the deity Hakusan Kikurihime. The spa is referred to as “Lords’ bath in the shade of a mountain” . Small birds chirp in the nearby mountains. In olden times, geisha girls were called “dusky thrushes” .

Awazu Spa

Lords’ bath in the shade of a mountain

Spa with a history of 1,300 years, opened by Priest Taicho, the founder of Hakusan Shrine This spa is a “sacred place for lovers” with many spots that are popular among couples.

Comic foreground for taking photos

Comic foreground for taking photos

Beside the main public bath, there is a photo panel that isperfectforthe“sacredplaceforlovers” .Ifyouhave your picture taken here with your lover or friend, using this panel, the two of you are sure to become closer.

Open: 8:30am~7:00pm
Address: Ka-13 Awazu-machi, Komatsu
TEL: 0761-65-1108

[Rental goods]

Here you can rent various items for taking photos. Have your picture taken wearing an original costume! *The illustration is conceptual.

  • Kaga Traditional Handicrafts Village YUNOKUNI NO MORI

    Kaga Traditional Handicrafts Village YUNOKUNI NO MORI

    This is a theme park for handicrafts. There are 11 buildings, in which you can try your hand at making more than 50 types of handicrafts.

    Open: 9:00am~4:30pm Open every day
    Address: Na-3-3 Awazu-onsen, Komatsu
    TEL: 0761-65-3456

  • Kômon Cedar

    Kômon Cedar

    This cedar tree was planted in the 17th century by Lord Toshitsune Maeda after his retirement.

    Address: Awazu-machi, Komatsu
    TEL: 0761-65-1834

  • Honkô-ji Temple

    Honkô-ji Temple

    Legend says a priest protected precious Buddhist sutras in a great fire in exchange for his life.

    Address: Wa-68 Awazu-machi, Komatsu
    TEL: 0761-65-2300

  • Daiô-ji Temple

    Daiô-ji Temple

    This is the guardian temple of 1,300-year-old Awazu Spa.

    Address: Wa-87-1 Awazu- onsen, Komatsu
    TEL: 0761-65-1217

  • Sacred place for lovers

    Sacred place for lovers

    This promenade is good for couples to walk along while enjoying the sightseeing spots and nature of Awazu.

    Address: Ru-6 Awazu-machi, Komatsu
    TEL: 0761-65-1834